org.restfulxProvides central access to a number of frequently used subsystems, configuration options and helpers.
 org.restfulx.collectionsArrayCollection extensions that help dealing with RxModels.
 org.restfulx.commandsCommand pattern specific classes.
 org.restfulx.components.rxReusable MXML components that maybe used by the RestfulX code generation engine.
 org.restfulx.controllersVarious framework controllers such as RXApplicationController and ModelsController.
 org.restfulx.controllers.mockAdds a few testing specific controllers.
 org.restfulx.eventsEvents dispatched by the framework.
 org.restfulx.modelsClasses used by RX models.
 org.restfulx.serializersSerializers provided by the framework, including XML, ValueObject and JSON.
 org.restfulx.servicesServices provided by the framework including XML-over-HTTP, JSON-over-HTTP, AMF, CouchDB and AIR. AIR service provider classes. service provider and supporting classes. CouchDB, XML and JSON service providers based on the as3httpclientlib. and JSON service providers based on the default Flex HTTPService. a few testing specific service providers.
 org.restfulx.utilsFramework utilties.
 org.restfulx.validatorsValidation classes for proxying server-side/service provider errors to the UI.